Unleashing the Potential of Young Scholars

On this International Literacy Day, ViviendasLeón wants to highlight the development of literacy and skills needed for careers and livelihoods in the rapidly evolving work field. One of the programs here at ViviendasLeón provides scholarships to students in the rural communities of Goyena and Troilo to assist them in finishing school.

One of the foundations to creating sustainable development lies in education. To improve people’s lives and work, access to quality education can equip community members with the skills required to obtain a job in this ever-changing world. ViviendasLeón’s Scholarship Program grants academic scholarships to students while instilling skills for academic success.

According to UNICEF, only 35.4% of boys and 46.7% girls in Nicaragua attend secondary school. To bridge the gap, the Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for community members to pursue a higher education. Not only does this support consists of a monetary stipend that covers school materials, it also offers academic mentorship for students to achieve success. With the scholarship’s support, Kelvin Antonio Montiel Muñoz was able to finish his secondary school, embarked on a 10-week English program in the United States, and is now pursuing a degree in English at the Universidad Martin Lutero in León. Through the Scholarship Program, ViviendasLeón takes one step closer to achieving universal education goals. It is our hope in ViviendasLeón that community members may develop the skills and literary competence to contribute to sustainable societies. To learn more about the programs and its impact, click on the links below.

The power of a scholarship: One student’s success story

Scholarships break the cycle of poverty

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