Recognizing the need to Educate and Train Rural Youth​

Recognizing the need to Educate and Train Rural Youth

It is no secret: children are our future. If this seems to be self evident, why is it that  according to the UN, today’s youth are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults? Providing youth with adequate skill development programs is a major key to lowering youth unemployment levels exponentially. ViviendasLeón is dedicated to seeing children in the rural communities of León utilize their resources in order to create and strive towards new goals. Through our youth pathway, we've created a variety of programs that help children living in rural communities develop self-sufficiency through carpentry, academic, and capacity training. Our Youth Arts and Youth Carpentry Program helps participants develop skills in craftsmanship and entrepreneurship all while building a sense of confidence and community. The Scholarship Program provides economic support and academic mentoring to help students thrive in their academic careers. Lastly, Human Capacity Training for Youth consists of workshops that promotes youth empowerment that gives young people in the community the esteem they need to enter the workforce with confidence that they can succeed.

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