Humanitarian Work Around the World

Today is World Humanitarian Day and ViviendasLeón wants to show support for populations living in humanitarian crises and recognize the individuals and organizations who provide aid to those in need.

For the last four months, Nicaragua has been in a state of crisis consisting of widespread protest and violence throughout the nation. Amongst these times of socio-political unrest, it has been ViviendasLeón’s priority to continue serving the rural communities of León as much as possible while working with the limitations these times have presented.

Fortunately, with recent news of systematic removal of barricades, reduction in violence levels, and continuation of peaceful protests, the work of our staff has been returning to close to normal. However, we are well aware that this return to normal will require some time, patience, and flexibility. Therefor, we have made adjustments to our programs for the remainder of this year that allow us to continue our work with these communities to our best ability. To learn more about the specific adjustments we have made to each of our programs, click here.

It is our hope that this day brings awareness to the importance of providing assistance to those who are in the midst of crises around the world. In addition we pay tribute to the individuals and organizations whose devotion to humanity pushes them to work past the obstacles that try to stand in their way of helping others.

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