Goyena Community Center Opens

After four years of hard work by many students, teachers, parents and community members, and through a major gift from the Zoelimax Foundation that has been instrumental in speeding the completion of the first half of this important project, we are now able to say that the community center is open and ready to begin it's important role in Goyena. The center's first phase has a communal kitchen and comedor, a library, an adult education and computer literacy classroom and flush toilets, the first of their kind in the community. The second phase will have a large covered meeting area that doubles as an emergency shelter, a health clinic and office space.

The project was originally designed by students from our partner institution, the USF School of Architecture and Community Design program who in 2008 came to Goyena to lay the foundations for what will ultimately be a thriving center for education, culture and organizational activities and programs. Students from USF have periodically returned to Goyena to continue building the project and a final group arrived this July to design and install the central courtyard patio.

We want to thank the many schools and individuals who have contributed to this project over the years. We hope to begin phase two in February 2013 and complete the entire project by July 2014. Join us!

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