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What Makes Us Unique?

ViviendasLeon is an international development and education travel organization. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization; A majority of our resources go to in-country programs and the people of León. We have a long track record of safety and measurable impact in the communities we serve. We have twenty years of experience in travel, community service learning and rural development. We operate and are responsible for both the travel and development programs. We create and implement authentic, community driven projects. The success of our work depends on the engagement of community members, travel program participants, staff and volunteers who are an integral part of the development process.

Our Mission

To support human and economic development in the rural communities of León, Nicaragua and engage US students in global citizenship.

Our Goals

To provide permanent, measurable gains in the standard of living of rural poor populations and to promote understanding between people.

Our Strategy

We work with a rural community for the course of a generation. In a series of inter-related programs, we improve the attendance, length of time in school and quality of education for children. We create local employment for families through micro-enterprise development. We develop the community’s capacity to perform economically viable work and to work together as community members to achieve shared goals. We identify the complex array of community needs that must be addressed and coordinate comprehensive efforts through partnerships with other organizations. We foster understanding between people by bringing diverse groups together to share in the effort to improve the conditions in rural communities.

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Our global education travel program is a conduit to transformative experiences in international service, connecting schools, students and families to people in need, to places of historic and environmental beauty, to cultures of richness and diversity.
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Our partners include universities, schools, foundations and organizations who help us create and sustain successful programs in global education and integrated sustainable development.
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